a police officer holding his radar gun and pointing it at traffic.

John J. Pearson, Esq.

John J. Pearson, Esq. is the founder and shareholder of Law Offices of John J. Pearson, A Prof. Law Corporation, doing business as CheapTrafficAttorneys.com. Mr. Pearson is an attorney with over 21 years experience and a former California police officer. Mr. Pearson has successfully represented over 10,000 Defendants in Southern California Traffic Courts. He focuses his traffic ticket law practice, known as CheapTrafficAttorneys.com, in Orange County & Los Angeles County where all of the regular Traffic Judges know him and his reputation as an expert traffic ticket attorney. Mr. Pearson has successfully obtained “Not Guilty” verdicts at Trial in nearly every Traffic Ticket Court in Orange County & Los Angeles County. He has successfully obtained dismissal of charges in thousands of ticket cases throughout all of Southern California.

As a police officer in California, Mr. Pearson wrote traffic tickets, responded to traffic collisions and testified to them in Court. Mr. Pearson is a graduate of a California Police Academy where he received the top academic honor in his graduating class. He received substantial traffic training certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards & Training (P.O.S.T.), including DUI, Traffic Collision, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) and Tactical/Hostage Negotiations. He obtained the second highest level of a California Peace Officer: an Intermediate P.O.S.T. certificate. He was recognized by a Criminal Trial Court as an expert on Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST’s) and has a broad range of law enforcement experience from personally writing traffic tickets to investigating and arresting suspects for crimes ranging from DUI, Narcotics, Hit&Run to Murder. He brings his traffic & law enforcement experience with him into Traffic Court for each and every case that he defends, which sets him apart from many other traffic attorneys in Court and the traffic police officers can see that.

  • California State Bar #187956, since June 2nd, 1997