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Carpool Lane Violations

Many drivers throughout California are familiar with high-occupancy vehicle lanes, also known as carpool or diamond lanes. These unique lanes can be found along freeways and highways in the state, and those that have recently been charged with a carpool lane violation may be in for a legal battle that can quickly become unmanageable. If you have been issued one of these tickets and are in need of effective legal representation to avoid huge fines and time-consuming trips to the courthouse, our traffic ticket attorney is here to help.

Drivers can receive carpool lane violations for any number of reasons, and those who attempt to take on these charges alone may find themselves in over their head in a drawn out legal battle that could cost them hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the end. The primary manner in which a driver will receive a carpool lane violation is if a law enforcement officer believes that they saw them driving in this lane with only a single individual in the vehicle (21655.5 CVC). Other scenarios in which these tickets may be issued include moving in and out of these lanes over multiple lane-dividing lines (21655.8 CVC) or the use of outdated low-emission stickers on one’s vehicle (21655.5 CVC).

The initial fine could quickly move past $380 dollars in addition to penalty assessment fees. For carpool lane violations that are classified as moving violations, such as instances in which the driver is accused of illegal movement in or out of the HOV lane (21655.8 CVC), points will be placed on the driver’s license which will increase their insurance premiums and put them in threat of having their license suspended.

These types of tickets are too expensive and life-altering for anyone to attempt to take on alone. Here at, we understand the exact strategies that must be used to reduce or completely remove penalties and keep points off your license. Give us a call today to avoid court visits, office visits, and expensive fines and fees.