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Cell Phone Tickets

Cell Phone TicketsAs technology continues to change at a startling rate, the State of California is racing to catch up with laws that limit the use of wireless devices while operating a vehicle. Countless drivers are issued cell phone tickets every single month, and this can lead to a time-consuming and potentially expensive scenario for those that are unsure of where to turn. All those that have recently received cell phone violation tickets should contact our traffic ticket attorney today to avoid expensive fines and overwhelming trips to the courthouse or DMV.

Since their inception, there have been a number of bills and subsequent changes to the cell phone laws that will affect drivers of all ages. The primary law is that all drivers over the age of 18 are required to use hands-free devices when using their cell phone in any manner. Minors and various professional drivers are required to avoid any use of cellular devices while operating a vehicle. The most recent addition to these traffic laws state that all drivers, no matter their age, cannot read, write, or send text messages while operating a vehicle.

The base fine for these violations is $20 for the first ticket and then $50 for any subsequent violations. In addition to these initial expenses, penalty assessment fees make this ticket cost between $190.00 to $350.00.

There are also currently bills that are in place that could as much as double the fines of even first-time offenders and place a moving violation point on the driver’s record for all cell phone violation tickets.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars in fines and fees or taking a time-consuming trip to the courthouse, our experienced legal professionals are here to help you move past these tickets as quickly and affordably as possible. We understand the exact tactics that must be employed to fight and beat your cell phone violation tickets, so contact today to begin the process of protecting your finances and your driving record.