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Commercial Driver Tickets

Commercial Driver TicketsThe moment that any driver is issued a traffic ticket they should immediately contact our traffic ticket lawyer from to begin the process of protecting their bank account, their record, and their ability to drive. When (Commercial Driver’s) CDL holders receive a ticket, however, the situation could be much more overwhelming. If you have recently received any number of commercial driver tickets and are unsure of where to turn for legal assistance, contact our office today.

Unlike tickets that are given to private drivers, commercial driver tickets could affect almost every aspect of a CDL holder’s life, including their career. Many commercial drivers throughout California are enrolled in a program known as the EPN, or Employer Pull Notice. Employers have the option to enroll their staff in this program through the DMV and it will notify them of any number of changes to their driving record. This includes written notifications for all commercial driver tickets, accidents, failures to appear in court, or license suspensions.

Along with this comprehensive notification system, commercial drivers are also held to a much higher standard than private drivers. Everything from DUI convictions to improper loads or logbook violations could cost a CDL holder thousands of dollars from fines, fees, and increases to their insurance premiums. It could easily cost a truck driver their job! This means that even a single ticket could put the driver’s career and license in jeopardy. If you have recently received one of these commercial driver tickets, it is important to contact our legal practice as quickly as possible. We have worked with CDL holders helping them to protect their driving record and their job. Even tickets that have been received while driving a private vehicle could result in an immediate termination, and that is why we are here to help. At no point should you ever leave any traffic ticket up to chance or accept the overwhelming penalties without a fight. Always exercise your rights!

You have the legal right to fight all of your tickets and we are ready to assist you with reducing or completely removing these violations from your record. Contact today to protect your license and your career.