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How To Avoid Going to Compton Courthouse To Fight a Traffic Ticket

Most people who have had the misfortune to receive a traffic ticket in Compton, California, believe that, unless they want to plead guilty and bear the unpleasant consequences, they have no choice but to visit Compton Courthouse. Not so. You have another, far preferable, option. You can contact Cheap Traffic Attorneys promptly to save yourself the money, time, inconvenience, and stress of a courtroom appearance. 

Why You Should Not Plead Guilty to a Traffic Ticket

While you may be tempted to “just plead guilty,” assuming that “you can’t fight City Hall,” in cases of traffic offenses this may be a misguided decision. Not only will you probably have to pay a costly fine, but pleading guilty to a moving violation may leave you open to future complications. Points on your license can easily mount, resulting in potential suspension or revocation of your license and/or even jail time. 

Whether or not you have committed the offense you are accused of, you have the right to plead not guilty. We may be able to convince the court that you are not guilty because, for example, the officer who pulled you over did so for a discriminatory reason, his/her view was impeded, or that the device being used to monitor your speed was defective.  

The Advantages of Using Cheap Traffic Attorneys 

Our practice focuses only on traffic defense law and therefore keeps current with every aspect of every state and local law. In addition, we are excellent negotiators when it comes to plea bargaining or taking the position that your ticket should be dismissed. We are also aggressive litigators who are much better prepared to fight your case in court than you are. The benefits Cheap Traffic Attorneys provides include:

  • Keeping you from missing a day of work to go to court
  • Representing you with well-developed legal skills, knowledge, and extensive experience
  • Keeping your costs and risks of serious penalties low
  • Having an attorney who has been a policeman and knows appropriate strategies to use

Some clients come to us worried that using our services, while convenient and stress-free, may be expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our name is Cheap Traffic Attorneys for a reason. Not only are our prices reasonable, but the vast majority of our clients save money in the future, as well as in the present, by letting us handle their cases.

Cheap Traffic Attorneys Offers Comprehensive Traffic Ticket Defense at the Compton Courthouse

Our practice is available to defend you from all types of traffic offenses. We have an excellent track record of helping clients win across a broad spectrum, including:

Even if you don’t see your offense listed here, you can be sure we cover it. Check out our website’s Success Stories to see examples of cases we have won. And remember, when we represent you, you will never have to take time, pay for transportation, find parking, or worry about lack of familiarity with the legal process. Cheap Traffic Attorneys will take care of everything. You will not have to enter Compton Courthouse at all!

Don’t Make Things Worse by Failing To Respond to a Compton Courthouse Traffic Ticket

Penalties imposed for traffic violations can be more than a nuisance, particularly if you have previous offenses on your record. In Compton, as throughout California, late fees add up rapidly. While it may be tempting to procrastinate, hoping your ticket will be misplaced and forgotten by the authorities, this is a dangerous course of action. If you’re smart, you will contact as soon as possible so we can take over the process of dealing with traffic court bureaucracy smoothly and skillfully.

Penalties for Traffic Tickets Can Be Harsh

Don’t fall into the trap of facing severe punishments because you didn’t come to Cheap Traffic Attorneys for help in the first place. Traffic tickets can cost you time as well as money, and may even result in loss of freedom and permanent damage to your reputation. 

  • Traffic fines: These typically include court fees, state surcharges, and funding for local and state programs. Don’t forget — speeding ticket fines increase according to how many mph you were going over the speed limit, so you may be required to pay many times the original fine.
  • Traffic classes: These are designed to improve your safe driving skills, but will be paid for by you. You will also have to spend time and money traveling to and from, as well as attending, such classes.
  • Points on Your License: These can accumulate rapidly and may lead to license suspension. 
  • Suspension or Revocation of Your License: This is a tremendous inconvenience in terms of commuting to work, performing chores, and engaging in social activities.
  • Jail Time for FTA: It is dangerous to ignore a traffic ticket. You will be charged with “Failure to Appear” (FTA) and can be arrested and jailed for this offense. 

If You Are a Commercial Driver, the Risks Are Even Greater

If you are a commercial driver, a traffic ticket threatens your livelihood. Because commercial drivers are held to a higher standard, a single speeding ticket may cause your CDL to be suspended or even revoked. Any traffic violation on your record may blacken your reputation for future employment in the field. This is why if you are a commercial driver, it is crucial that you have a highly competent traffic defense attorney represent you in court.  

Don’t Go to Compton Courthouse — Let Cheap Traffic Attorneys Fight Your Ticket

Most jobs are best left to professionals who have the training and experience to handle them efficiently. Just as you need an electrician to safely repair your wiring, you need a traffic attorney to properly handle your traffic ticket. Why waste your valuable time and money in Compton Courthouse? Why risk your future because you lack legal knowledge? Contact Cheap Traffic Attorneys and leave everything to us.

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