Contesting a Speeding Ticket

  • Aug 24 2018

A speeding ticket can put a real crimp in your day. Unfortunately, it can also put a crimp in your wallet. California fines and penalties for speeding tickets are significantly higher than they once were, and you may find yourself facing increased insurance costs, too. Our speeding ticket attorney can contest a speeding ticket and may be able to help you keep the ticket off your driving record and avoid those costs.

Several factors can increase your success in contesting a speeding ticket. Statements by bystanders or passengers, diagrams, information about intersections and road conditions and any other evidence that can support your version of events are all quite helpful. The traffic conditions and the roadway conditions are always a factor, and possible defenses, in a speeding ticket under California’s basic speed law 22350 of the Vehicle Code.

Our speeding ticket attorney can identify the best strategies for your defense. In many cases, we can keep the tickets off your permanent driving record, which reduces the long-term effects of the ticket. In other cases, we are able to have speeding tickets dismissed entirely.

Simply paying the ticket will get it out of your desk, but it will not erase it from your record. Those points can haunt you for years in the form of increased insurance costs, and getting subsequent tickets and more points against your license can result in a license suspension or revocation. Contesting a speeding ticket is often your best option, and we can help you do it.

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