DMV Hold on Drivers License

  • Jul 28 2018

Traffic tickets are common enough to be considered just another fact of life, but forgetting to deal with a traffic ticket can have serious repercussions. A DMV hold on drivers license may be placed until you resolve your ticket. Once a hold has been placed, you may be unable to renew your license, and it may be suspended or revoked until the ticket is resolved. Our traffic ticket attorney can help you resolve your DMV hold and the original ticket so that you can get back on the road.

Each ticket lists a court date. You can avoid the court date by simply paying the ticket, but this is essentially the same as pleading guilty and will result in points being assessed against your license. We offer legal advice and representation that can help drivers get their traffic tickets resolved and remove the DMV hold on drivers license so that they can get back on the road.

Failing to appear on your court date or to plead guilty and pay the ticket may result in a DMV hold. You may not even know that a hold has been placed until you try to renew your insurance or your license. The best way to address this is to take care of the original traffic ticket and then get a DMV abstract, which can quickly clear up your DMV hold on drivers license and any FTA warrants that have been issued. Our office can help you clear the hurdles and resolve any lingering issues while reducing the burden on you.

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