How Can an Attorney Help with FTA Warrants?

  • Aug 20 2018

Failure to make a court-ordered appearance can result in a judge issuing a failure to appear warrant, or FTA warrant. FTA warrants can result in arrests and even jail time, though realistically they usually lead to increased fines, penalties and fees. If you have had an FTA warrant issued for your arrest, our traffic ticket attorney can help.

Most commonly, failure to appear warrants are issued because a person has failed to appear on a required court date but may also be issued for a failure to pay fines, failure to follow court requirements or failure to complete a court-ordered program. Traffic tickets are the most common reason for FTA warrants.

Once a FTA warrant has been issued, a law enforcement officer is authorized to arrest you and take you to court. The next time you are stopped on a minor infraction or have another encounter with the police, you may end up in jail and/or with another ticket requiring you to appear or face a second FTA warrant. This can eventually turn into an endless cycle of increased fines, penalties, arrest and driver’s license suspensions. We can appear on your behalf, help you straighten out the warrant and may even be able to help you resolve the original issue. Our attorney will work to protect your rights and achieve the most positive outcome possible so that you can get back to your daily life faster and with less interruption to your busy schedule.

Having your warrant recalled requires the assistance of a skilled failure to appear warrant lawyer. Legal representation can help you avoid being remanded or taken into custody and can provide you with the information you need about your options.

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