How to Beat a Speeding Ticket

  • Jul 30 2018

Speeding tickets can put a major crimp in your budget. In California, all speeding tickets have a base fine, which tends to be quite affordable. However, each ticket is also accompanied by additional penalty assessments and fines that can send that initially reasonable fine soaring, and those expenses can continue to mount as your insurance rates increase. The consequences may be even more dire if you are a commercial driver. If you have recently gotten pulled over in California, our speeding ticket attorney can help you find out how to beat a speeding ticket.

Many people believe that you have to go to court or spend hours fighting traffic tickets, and they may even believe that that kind of time and monetary investment is simply not worth it. However, we can provide you with information about how to beat a speeding ticket with minimal time and financial outlay. In some cases, contesting a speeding ticket does not even require your appearance in court. The cost of fighting a ticket is often significantly less than the ticket itself, and you may even be able to save the long-term frustration of having to attend traffic school.

Our traffic lawyer can help you consider all your options as you decide how to beat a speeding ticket. We will explore various scenarios and make recommendations based on your unique situation. We can help with both basic speeding tickets and tickets for speeding through construction or other special zones and get you back on the road with less cost, less inconvenience and less frustration.

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