How to Fight a Speeding Ticket

  • Jul 31 2018

Speeding tickets are just a fact of life for drivers across the United States. In fact, about 35 million Americans get a speeding ticket every year. Most of these people simply pay their fines, but this can backfire. Not only are speeding tickets increasing in price every year, but they also leave points against the drivers’ licenses, which can cause even more problems. Insurance can increase, and with enough points, a driver may even be facing license suspension. Our traffic ticket lawyer offers help so that drivers can learn more about how to fight a speeding ticket.

Contesting a speeding ticket many times results in a dismissal of the speeding charge and/or a reduction to a lesser charge and/or lower fines. That means the driver may be able to have the ticket dismissed without having any points assessed against his or her license. Because you have up to 60-90 days to pay your fine or enter your plea, you have enough time to explore your options thoroughly. In nearly all cases, you will not even have to go to court if you hire a California speeding ticket attorney.

If you are not a first-time offender, you may have other options. If the citation is missing any information or contains incorrect information, you may have a defense that can have the case dismissed. Even when the case cannot be dismissed, our speeding ticket attorney often has other methods and information about how to fight a speeding ticket and will fight to have the penalties and fines reduced and fight to prevent the ticket from going on your record.

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