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Long Beach Courthouse may be a point of interest when you are taking a tour of the city, but if you have an appointment to fight a traffic ticket within its stately halls, it may be far less interesting. Almost everyone dreads the inconvenience and expense of personally fighting a traffic ticket, yet many people are not aware that there are defense attorneys who focus solely on this area of the law.

Cheap Traffic Attorneys is a prime California traffic law firm with a remarkable history of successful outcomes. We have a well-earned reputation for protecting our clients from the harsh penalties associated with traffic violations. If you have been ticketed on one of our accident-prone freeways, such as the 405, the northern segment of the San Diego Freeway, or Long Beach Freeway (I-710), contacting us will provide you with highly skilled legal representation.  

Our attorneys know precisely how to defend you from prosecution, prevent you from paying high fines, and save you from receiving those troublesome points on your license, points that almost certainly will increase your insurance premiums and may bring you to the brink of suspension or revocation of your license. Perhaps most important, we are fully prepared to go to Long Beach Courthouse in your stead, saving you the aggravation of missing work, having to get a babysitter or reschedule an appointment. When you engage the services of Cheap Traffic Attorneys to handle your traffic ticket, you won’t ever have to see the inside of the Long Beach Courthouse. 

Reasons These Freeways Are Particularly Dangerous

As anyone familiar with the area knows, accidents, especially accidents involving serious injuries and fatalities, are far too common on 405 and I-710. While accidents happen everywhere, these multi-lane highways, loaded with heavy car and truck traffic traveling at exceptionally high speeds, are particularly dangerous. As a matter of fact, both freeways have made the list of the most dangerous highways in Los Angeles. It is estimated that segments of the San Diego Freeway average 162.8 accidents per mile of travel. Both roads are, unfortunately, also known for being popular locations for illegal road races.

Having multiple big rigs on these freeways at all hours also tends to make accidents more serious. Since the size and weight differential between cars and traffic-trailer trucks is so great, the car drivers and passengers are more likely to suffer severe injury or fatality when the two types of vehicles collide.

It should be noted that when accidents occur on these freeways, not only the accident victims suffer. Typically, lanes are closed and traffic is delayed for many hours while police and emergency medical vehicles arrive to remove the wounded, photographs are taken of the accident site, and investigations are performed. This results in snarled traffic that affects a great many people, a number of them on crucial errands of their own.

More Accidents Lead to Increased Law Enforcement

In an effort to keep the accident rate down, law enforcement officers patrol both of these freeways frequently, attempting to ticket traffic offenders before serious accidents occur. To drivers, however generally careful they may be, this means it is wise to be extra cautious on 405 and I-710, not only to avoid accidents but to avoid what may be expensive traffic tickets. A traffic ticket potentially leads to heavy fines and points on your license, it may also result in suspension or revocation of your license, or even jail time. If you receive a ticket while driving on one of these freeways, your best bet is to contact Cheap Traffic Attorneys to ensure the best possible outcome of your case with the least possible inconvenience and expense. Remember — we are called “cheap” traffic attorneys for a reason.

Common Violations on the I-405 and Long Beach Freeways

If you have been ticketed for one of the following offenses on one of the above-mentioned freeways, let Cheap Traffic Attorneys take the problem off your hands:

  • Moving violations like speeding, tailgating, reckless driving
  • Cell phone usage or texting while driving
  • Equipment violations
  • No driver license, registration, or insurance
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license

Be aware that you are unlikely to get your case dismissed or your punishment lessened unless you let our talented attorneys take over the problem. Trying to go it alone is most often a mistake with ongoing negative consequences. 

Why You Need Cheap Traffic Attorneys on Your Side At Long Beach Courthouse

If you received a traffic ticket at Long Beach Courthouse, the best course of action is to contact us at cheaptrafficattorneys.com. Our primary focus is traffic violation defense, so you can be sure that we know all there is to know about traffic law in California. In addition, our experience with workable courtroom strategies give us a sizable edge when we fight to get your case dismissed or your penalties lessened. Beyond all this, when you contact us you have the advantage of not having to give up precious time pursuing justice. We will bring it to your door.

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