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Whether you are a resident of Newport Beach, California, or just a visitor, consider yourself lucky. The natural beauty of this coastal city competes with its wide range of exciting activities in commanding attention. The beaches here, especially the one known as The Wedge, are renowned for their amazing waves. Surfers, sunbathers and swimmers revel in the energetic water as do the boaters who enter it from two convenient piers. As many of us know all too well, however, idyllic settings do not prevent the time-consuming, costly annoyance of traffic tickets. 

One major cause of traffic tickets is speeding. If you have the misfortune of being ticketed for speeding violations 22350, 22349 or 22348b in the area of Newport Beach, or anywhere in Southern California, you are by no means alone. Nor do you have to deal with the consequences alone. Cheap Traffic Attorneys is available to take care of everything. 

Newport Beach Courthouse Ticket Attorney

Our highly skilled attorneys will deal with the court (you will not even have to show up!), fight aggressively to get your case dismissed or your penalties lessened, and use every legal maneuver possible to prevent you from accumulating points on your license. We are not just committed to winning your case; we have a strong track record of success. Contacting us is always a smart move. We will save you money, time, inconvenience and stress. After many years of experience, Cheap Traffic Attorneys has a number of strategies to use to persuade the court of your innocence or mitigating circumstances. 

What are speeding violations 22350 and 22349?

According to Violation 22350, it is illegal to drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed that is greater than is “reasonable or prudent” under the existing circumstances. This means that drivers are legally responsible for altering their speed in regard to weather, road width, and surface conditions, visibility limitations, and the presence of pedestrians, animals or property. In other words, speed limits are not absolute — safety concerns must govern the speed at which the driver proceeds.

Violation 22349, on the other hand, charges the driver with traveling at more than 65 miles per hour on a highway. According to the California Vehicle Code, the speed limit on every highway or freeway is 65 mph unless otherwise posted.

Both violations are commonly cited as the reason for tickets in Newport Beach and other parts of Southern California. If you have been the unfortunate recipient of a ticket for Violation 22350 or 22349, contact Cheap Traffic Attorneys promptly. Our Newport Beach courthouse ticket attorney will navigate the maze of traffic court for you so that you don’t have to miss work or waste valuable time.

Defining “Reasonable and Safe” Under Vehicle Code 22350

The point of this speeding law is to make certain that motorists alter their speed appropriately for the situation they’re in. It requires that they slow down for reasons of safety when:

  • Driving on a crowded urban street or a remote rural road
  • Pedestrians or animals are nearby
  • Driving over a railroad crossing
  • Driving on a wet, icy, or otherwise slippery road surface
  • Their view of the road is obstructed by weather, vehicles, or other obstacles
  • Excessive sunlight or bright lights are making it difficult to see
  • Driving over a hill

Newport Beach Courthouse Ticket Penalties for Speeding Violations 22350 and 22349

As you may already know, penalties for speeding in California are harsh since they are intended to discourage reckless driving and prevent accidents. Tickets for violating Vehicle Code 22350 or 22349 may result in:

  • Fine and fees
  • Points on your driver’s license
  • Higher auto insurance premiums (one speeding ticket may cause a 30 percent increase)
  • License suspension 
  • Liability for personal injuries in any resulting traffic accident 

The precise amount you will be charged if convicted of either violation will depend on the speed you were driving at the time you were stopped. The penalty increases with the number of miles per hour over the limit you were traveling. Penalties also increase if you have been previously found guilty of an infraction.

Legal Defenses for Speeding or Violating 22350

Cheap Traffic Attorneys has a team of legal representatives who may use one of the following defenses to exonerate you or to have the charges against you lessened:

  • You were speeding due to a true emergency
  • The speed you were traveling was reasonable and safe
  • The radar detection used to verify your speed was not valid because of improper calibration records
  • You were caught in an illegal speed trap as defined by California law

You can trust our sharp traffic attorneys to use the tactic that will most likely bring you a successful outcome.

Cheap Traffic Attorneys Offers Comprehensive Service for All Traffic Violations

Whatever you receive a traffic ticket for, Cheap Traffic Attorneys is here to help. We have saved thousands of clients from the costs and complications of guilty pleas to traffic tickets. In addition to defending the rights of clients ticketed for speeding, as detailed above, we have a history of successfully fighting for clients who have received tickets for:

Don’t waste your valuable time trying to fight a ticket on your own and worrying about the consequences. Hire a professional, low-cost traffic attorney.

Contact Our Newport Beach Courthouse Ticket Attorney Today

It is important to remember that if you simply pay your fine to avoid the inconvenience of dealing with a speeding ticket, the state will consider you to have entered a guilty plea. Even for a first speeding offense, you may find yourself facing a $500 fine and a 30-day license suspension. You may be eligible for online traffic school (once every 18 months), but you will have to pay for it. The more times you are convicted of speeding, the higher your fine and the points on your license will be, and the longer your license will be suspended. That’s why it’s crucial to contact Cheap Traffic Attorneys at once. We will not only save you time and money, but we will also fight forcefully to protect your driving privileges.

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