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Red Light Camera Tickets

Anyone that has recently received any ticket while behind the wheel should immediately contact our traffic ticket lawyer to begin the process of protecting their own record as well as their finances. Even the most minor of moving violations can wreak havoc on an individual’s life, and that is why we are here to assist all those that have been issued a red light camera ticket in the mail and are unsure of where to turn for effective legal representation.

Red light camera tickets have been under heavy debate for many years as countless individuals believe they are not constitutional. The tickets are issued for both supposed red light violations and supposedly failing to stop prior to making a right turn on a solid red light. Unfortunately, these moving violations continue to be issued by many cities hungry for revenue. Ignore the red light camera ticket and you will receive a collection notice from the Court’s collection agency. Then the collection agency, known as GC Services in Los Angeles County, will start contacting you to pay the debt. The initial fine for a red light camera ticket could run as high as $480 dollars for a first-time offender. Just as every single moving violation that is issued, drivers will have a point placed on their driving record from red light ticket violation. The DMV utilizes these points to track the safety and eligibility of drivers, and with as few as four points in a single year can result in an immediate suspension of their license.

If you failed to appear on a red light camera ticket, our attorney can get it scheduled for court for your opportunity to fight it. The points that are placed on a driver’s record from red light tickets will also affect the driver’s car insurance. Car insurance companies are given access to this information, and each point will increase the driver’s insurance premiums.

From the moment that a ticket is issued, many drivers simply wish to pay their fines and move on from these ordeals as quickly as possible. This could become a costly mistake in the long run, and that is why we are here to help all drivers in need of an experienced traffic attorney for any tickets that they may receive.