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Red Light Tickets

Drivers that run red lights are at a very high risk of causing themselves or others serious injuries or even being involved in fatal accidents. This is just one of the many reasons that California has attempted to crack down on these drivers with expensive red light tickets. While many individuals may simply pay the fines and attempt to move on from these overwhelming scenarios as quickly as possible, a red light ticket could haunt a driver for three years or longer, affecting everything from their career to their bank account.

Drivers that do not contact our traffic ticket lawyer to begin developing a case against these red light ticket charges will be subject to fines that could exceed $500 or more. Each of these red light ticket convictions will also place at least a single point on the driver’s license. This point system is used by the DMV to track the safety and eligibility of all drivers. Those that receive as little as 4 points in a single year will have their license suspended. This means that even just a handful of red light tickets could put you and your license at risk.

In addition to the possibility of a license suspension, each of these points will also affect the driver’s insurance rates. All car insurance companies have access to their customers’ driving records. Every single point that is placed on the license could result in thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums.

Here at, we are ready to help you defend these serious moving violations and avoid the large financial penalties that could haunt the driver for 3 years or longer. Our experienced traffic ticket lawyer has worked with many drivers advising on the appropriate defense and arguing the case in traffic court.

If you or a family member has recently received a red light ticket, the time to begin defending your license and your finances is now. Contact our office today to discuss which legal options may be available to and your loved ones.