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Speeding Tickets

At no point should any driver ever accept their speeding tickets without a fight. California has become notorious for the sheer amount of traffic tickets that are issued every single day, and these tickets could cost a driver thousands of dollars in the long run and even put their ability to drive in jeopardy. If you have recently received a speeding ticket and are in need of legal representation to protect your license as well as your bank account, contact today.

The State of California makes huge sums of money on all tickets, and that is why local law enforcement agencies attempt to issue them and then receive the fines as quickly as possible. What many drivers may not know is that they are legally entitled to contest any traffic ticket that they receive. Unfortunately, this process can be difficult without an experienced traffic ticket attorney by one’s side, but that is why we are here to help.

Drivers that fail to have their speeding tickets dismissed will be susceptible to a number of penalties beginning with the initial fine. For many first-time offenders, they could be looking at a potential fine of $250 or more. These costs will be nothing compared to the huge increases to the driver’s insurance premiums after a point has been placed on their license.

A speeding ticket is classified as a moving violation, and this means that it will place a single point on the driver’s license. Their insurance company has access to all of their customers’ records, and they will increase insurance premiums accordingly. With as little as four points in a single year, a driver will also be in jeopardy of having their license suspended.

No matter the type of ticket that you have received, you deserve to have an experienced traffic attorney by your side. We have worked with many clients over the years, arguing cases that may reduce or completely remove these charges and get you back on the road, so call us today.