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Stop Sign Tickets

California is under an incredible economic strain and this means that law enforcement agencies continue to issue traffic tickets at an alarming rate. From the moment that a driver gets behind the wheel, they are under threat of receiving one of these expensive tickets and having their life turned upside down. When approaching any California intersection with a traffic control device, a driver could face multiple violations without even realizing they violated the vehicle code. The “Stop Sign” is one of those traffic control devices. Did you stop? Was the sign clearly posted? Did the officer have a clear field of view of the violation and of the stop sign? The California Vehicle Code defines what a stop is, did you do it?

Our experienced traffic ticket attorney is ready to help you fight any stop sign ticket that you receive to quickly and affordably move on with your life.

The “rolling stop,” also known as a “California stop,” has become well known in the State of California. This minor mistake can become a major financial responsibility. A Stop Sign violation could quickly exceed $250 in fines and penalty assessments that come initially from the Court, then from a collection agency hired by the Court, and finally from the DMV. A Stop Sign violation is also classified as a moving violation and most moving violations will immediately place a single point on the driver’s license, upon conviction.

Each point that is placed on a record for a stop sign ticket will last for 3 years. For drivers that are eligible, there may be the option to head to traffic school to keep this point off of their record, but traffic school means extra time and expense. Drivers that are not given this option will have the point placed on their record and their insurance premiums increased.

Here at the, we have worked with many clients, helping them avoid both points and the traffic school requirement for stop sign violations. We understand the exact methods that can be used to fight stop sign tickets and keep these moving violations off of their records.

All Drivers that have received a traffic violation that would like to avoid some of the severe penalties that come along with these charges should contact our law offices today.