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At Cheap Traffic Attorneys, our firm is dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to individuals who have been issued citations for moving violations. We understand that for most individuals, the cost of hiring an attorney to represent them in traffic court is impractical. As a result, we created Cheap Traffic Attorneys which focuses on providing affordable legal services to defend individuals issued traffic citations. We will work tirelessly to make sure that your finances and driving record are protected.

What are Moving Violations?

A moving violation is one that occurs when a traffic law is alleged to be violated while a vehicle is in motion. Examples of moving violations include speeding, running a stop sign or red light, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In California, a moving violation will lead to “points” being added to your license.

For the following traffic tickets, a single point will be added to the driver’s driving record:

For more serious offenses, two points will be added to the driver’s driving record. Traffic offenses resulting in two points being added to the driver’s driving record are:

After an individual has accumulated too many points on their license, their license will be revoked or suspended. A DMV Warning Letter will be issued when an individual reaches 2 points within 12 months. However, revocation or suspension will occur if an individual accumulates: (a) 4 points within 12 months, (b) 6 points within 24 months, or (c) 8 points within 36 months. The specific offense committed determines the number of points that will be assessed.

What Happens Once I Receive a Traffic Ticket for  Moving Violations?

As noted above, an individual who is issued a traffic ticket for a moving violation is at risk for points being added to his or her driving record. Following issuance of the traffic citation, the individual has two options: pay the ticket based on the assessed fine and accept the points; or contest the ticket and potentially have the ticket dismissed or reduced. Dismissal of the ticket results in no fines and no points on the individual’s driving record. A reduced ticket is generally mitigated in seriousness to a non-moving violation. For example, a ticket for speeding could be reduced to a non-moving violation, which would mean that while the individual is still subjected to certain fines, he or she would not receive points on their driving record.

Why do Points Matter?

Points matter because they can cause your driver’s license to be automatically suspended or revoked, severely limiting your ability to work or take care of your family. Additionally, points are slow to be removed from an individual’s driving record. For single point violations such as speeding, the point takes 39 months to be removed from the individual’s driving record. For two-point offenses, the time for a point to be removed can take more than ten years.

Because points can quickly add up and are slow to be removed, it’s imperative to avoid points on your license. Additionally, there is a hidden cost to moving violations that many are not aware of. Insurance companies may increase your insurance premiums for auto insurance based on points on your license.

Why is it Important to Hire an Attorney?

Hiring an attorney to resolve moving traffic violations is important as it is the best defense for your driving record and finances. While paying a traffic ticket for a moving violation may seem to be financially prudent, doing so can put you at a financial disadvantage for years to come.
With Cheap Traffic Attorneys, you can focus on your day-to-day life, whether that be work, school, or taking care of your family while we work tirelessly to have your ticket dismissed or reduced. The long-term result is that you are at a lower risk for license suspension, are likely to have a lower fine, and are likely to avoid or reduce an increase in the cost of auto insurance.

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