Missed Court (FTAs) in Los Angeles County, California

Failure to Appear/FTA Warrants

Are you concerned when you get into your vehicle because you never cleared up a ticket? Did you forget to go to Court? Or maybe the Court never sent you the reminder notice the Officer said you would receive? You may have a Failure to Appear or “FTA” pending in Traffic Court. This will not go away on its own, you must take action. A Failure to Appear warrant could keep you from getting a job or could possibly lead to a warrant for your arrest. Eventually, your driver’s license will be suspended for Failing to Appear on a ticket. It is extremely important to seek out an experienced traffic ticket lawyer as quickly as possible.

At CheapTrafficAttorneys.com we have been successful at settling Failures to Appear, recalling traffic warrants and even getting many FTA warrants dismissed. In most cases, we have saved clients hundreds dollars by asking the Judge to reduce the penalty/civil assessments imposed in the case. If you have a legal excuse for Failure to Appear, and sometimes if you just have a compelling circumstance that led to your FTA warrant, we may be able to convince the Judge to dismiss the violation.

All drivers that have been issued Failures to Appear or have a traffic ticket warrant should contact CheapTrafficAttorneys.com immediately to begin the process of clearing these Failure to Appear warrants and recalling traffic warrants to protecting their records. In most Courts, the Court Clerk (at the window) will not allow “you” (without an attorney) to schedule a Court date for an older Failure to Appear.

CheapTrafficAttorneys.com has been successful in getting a ticket up to 7 years old into Court and eventually dismissed entirely. Call us for your Failure to Appear traffic ticket representation.