No Registration Tickets in Los Angeles County, California

With all the traffic violations that occur daily on the roads and highways of California, many of which threaten innocent lives, driving an unregistered vehicle may, by comparison, seem like a petty offense. It is for precisely this reason that many people think of driving an unregistered vehicle as a minor infraction that can’t get you into real trouble. However, as most of us become aware sooner or later, irresponsibility and/or procrastination can have far-reaching negative consequences. It should be noted that even if you have registered your vehicle, but have not yet put your tags on your car, you can be ticketed every time you drive.

Since it is rare to be pulled over by the police randomly, the chances are that your missing registration will not be noticed unless you are stopped for a moving violation or involved in an accident. In either case, not having a valid registration will put you in more hot water than you are already in. In such situations, it is invaluable to have a top traffic ticket attorney in your corner. If you’re in the Los Angeles vicinity, Cheap Traffic Attorneys is the legal practice to contact. We are laser-focused on traffic ticket offenses and know precisely which strategies will be most helpful in extricating you from the problem you face.

Of course, it is also possible that law enforcement may notice the absence of a registration tab on your rear license plate while giving you a parking ticket, in which case the offense may be considered less serious, particularly if your registration is only a few months past its expiration date. Though the ticket you receive for this will be a non-moving violation, and will not affect your driver’s license points or car insurance rates, you should still check in with our office to clarify your situation. Our traffic ticket attorneys find that all too often individuals unintentionally become scofflaws, accumulating unpaid tickets they consider inconsequential. This kind of delay can cause increasing levels of difficulty. This is why you need a first-rate traffic ticket attorney to take over your case.

Penalties for Driving an Unregistered Vehicle in California

The only time you can legally drive an unregistered vehicle in California is when you are on your way to have your car inspected or registered and you have a temporary permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles.. Law enforcement requires that you use the most direct route to accomplish this task — no stopping to shop or visit on the way. The California Vehicle Code also gives you a bit of leeway, stating that you can’t be charged with driving without registration before “the first day of the second month following the month of expiration of the vehicle’s registration.” In other words you have a grace period of from 1 to 2 months.

But don’t get too comfortable. Once you have been issued a traffic ticket for driving without registration, it is not sufficient to remedy the situation by registering your vehicle; you are also required to let the court know you have corrected the issue. You may not notice the date you are scheduled to appear in court at the bottom of the citation, but it is there. Don’t even think about just not showing up for your court appearance, which is known as a “Failure to Appear” (FTA). FTAs are taken very seriously by California courts and may result in misdemeanor charges and penalties of:

  • Up to 6 months in the county jail
  • Fines of up to $1000.
  • Both a fine and jail time

If you continue to drive with expired tags in California for 3 months and do not pay the fees charged to you, your wages or other assets can be garnished by the California Franchise Tax Board. If you continue to flout the law for another 3 months (6 months total), your car can be impounded if it is on public property. As you can see, something as seemingly innocuous as a traffic ticket for driving an unregistered vehicle can wind up causing you severe inconvenience and putting you in much more legal jeopardy than you ever imagined. Why not let Cheap Traffic Attorneys take care of this so that you can follow your regular routine uninterrupted and stress-free?

What Cheap Traffic Attorneys Can Do for You

Our law firm prides itself on cost-effective, efficient service. We will always work energetically to:

  • Get your ticket or tickets dismissed or to reduce the penalties
  • Keep any traffic offenses off your driver’s license and your insurance
  • Appear in court in your place
  • Help you keep your commercial driver’s license (CDL) in applicable cases

The word “cheap” in our URL ( is reflective of our concern with saving you money. Using our legal services will help you save on fees and penalties that can build up quickly. Even more importantly, not having to use work days (or sick or personal days) to deal with traffic tickets can save you a sizable sum. Not only will you be more productive going about your business, but your reputation as a dedicated worker will remain intact. You should handle a ticket for not having a valid registration the way you handle other matters out of your area of expertise — hire a professional.

Many individuals are unaware that, according to California Penal Code you do not have to make a personal court appearance for a traffic ticket as long as your identity as the driver is not in question. This means that Cheap Traffic Attorneys can take the inconvenience of waiting and the burden of negotiating off your hands. Remember, our law firm has an excellent track record in this branch of legal representation. Over the years, we have saved thousands of clients a total of many millions of dollars. Contact us now for a consultation!