No Registration Tickets in Los Angeles County, California

Even some of the most minor traffic violations and citations that take place can turn into major financial obligations that could cost a driver hundreds or thousands of dollars in the worst-case scenarios. For drivers, it will often seem like maintenance, registration, and car insurance can be ongoing obligations that are easily forgotten and result in complicated legal scenarios. If you have recently received a no vehicle registration ticket or an expired registration ticket and are unsure of the proper steps that must be taken to avoid major costs in the future, our traffic ticket lawyer is ready to assist you every step of the way to protect your record and your vehicle.

Within the State of California, all cars that are operational and on public roadways must be registered and up-to-date. Even vehicles in which the owner does not plan to operate must be filed with a planned non-operation registration. If at any point the car is operated or parked where it may be subject to any further traffic laws, no registration tickets may be issued.

If your vehicle has registration expired over 6 months and is on a public roadway or public property, it can legally be towed by a peace officer without the office contacting you.

The overall costs and other penalties associated with a no vehicle registration ticket can vary dramatically based on many of the extenuating circumstances. Some of the questions that could potentially come up include the driver’s history with no registration tickets over the past few years. Has the driver ever had the particular vehicle registered to their name? Is the vehicle registration beyond six months late? Is the car registered but the sticker was removed or vandalized?

These are just a few of the outside factors that will determine exactly how our experienced attorney approaches your unique situation. In many cases, we have the ability to completely remove any major fines and fees, avoiding lengthy trips to our office or the courthouse. For those that fail to utilize expert legal representation, they could be looking at hundreds of dollars in fines, court assessment fees, an impounded car, and even a suspended license. is here to fight for our clients, allowing them to move past these drastic and expensive violations as quickly and affordably as possible.