21460a CVC Drive Left of Center Before Left Turn in Los Angeles

For many drivers, left turns are a problematic part of road travel. If you have the misfortune to be ticketed for an illegal left turn (or 21460a CVC violation) in Southern California, whether because you turned from the wrong lane or because you crossed a yellow double line, legal assistance is close at hand. Cheap Traffic Attorneys is a practice dedicated to protecting your rights and defending you from the inconveniences, expenses, and penalties of traffic tickets

Our lead attorney, John J. Pearson, has been an attorney for over 21 years and is a former California police officer. He is therefore exceptionally well-schooled in California state law. His in-depth understanding of how the prosecution works gives him a tremendous advantage when it comes to your defense. When you contact Cheap Traffic Attorneys, you have the advantage of dealing with a law practice not only specifically focused on traffic tickets, but one with an excellent track record of successful outcomes.

Don’t Pay the Ticket in Advance — Consult with Cheap Traffic Attorneys First

Why pay money for a ticket you don’t deserve? Why pay more money than you have to, get a point on your license, and pay increased insurance premiums if you have an alternative? Call Cheap Traffic Attorneys instead and you will have the following advantages:

  • You will never have to go to court. Once we take your case you will not have to travel to the courthouse, park, or spend time waiting to engage in unfamiliar negotiations (in nearly all cases, this is true)
  • Our legal service is cost-effective. We’re not called Cheap Traffic Attorneys for nothing!
  • You will not have to take time from work or other activities. Our competent traffic ticket defense attorneys will handle everything in Court.
  • We will strive to obtain a better outcome. As professional legal negotiators, we are more likely to get you a dismissal or plea bargain to a lesser offense, than a person appearing without an attorney.

What if you want to fight the ticket on your own?

If you decide to fight the ticket on your own, you may:

[1] appear in court on the designated date and plead before a judge 

[2] fight the ticket in person which involves entering a plea and scheduling another court date for trial at which police officer who ticketed you will also appear 

[3] fight the ticket through a Trial By Written Declaration (TBWD) through the mail or electronically. The TBW, however, involves posting bail and waiving your right not to incriminate yourself as well as your right to a public and speedy trial. 

Wouldn’t you rather call Cheap Traffic Attorneys and save yourself the hassle and risk?

What exactly is 21460a in the CVC (California Vehicle Code)? 

This law states that “If double parallel solid yellow lines are in place, a person driving a vehicle shall not drive to the left of the lines, except as permitted in this section.” The permissible exceptions are:

  1. If the driver is on the side of the road with a broken line, the driver may cross the double lines to overtake or pass other vehicles.
  2. If the driver is turning at an intersection where the left turn is legal or into or out of a driveway or private road
  3. If the driver is making a legal U-turn

In other words, it is illegal to cross double solid parallel lines unless you are in one of the above situations.

What are the consequences of a 21460a CVC violation?

If you are found guilty of violating this traffic law, your fine will be $234, but don’t expect to be let off that easy. According to California Vehicle Code Section 42001, driving infractions in California may have additional penalties attached, depending on your driving record and the severity of your offense, as follows:

  • First offense fine of up to $238
  • Second offense within one year of prior conviction fine of up to $402
  • Third or subsequent offense within one year fine of up to $900
  • Twenty percent surcharge fee
  • State penalty assessment
  • County penalty assessment
  • Court facility construction penalty assessment
  • DNA Identification Fund penalty assessment
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) penalty assessment

If found guilty of a 21460a CVC offense, you will further be penalized by having a point added to your license. As you are probably well aware, license points can pile up quickly, so taking what seems to be the easy way out now is likely to jeopardize you in the future when you may be threatened with suspension or loss of your license. In addition, your insurance company will most likely increase your premiums for three to five years after a conviction.

As you can see, the penalty for a Left of Center Before Left Turn violation is only the tip of the iceberg. As you tally up your possible legal fees, and the consequences of getting a point on your license, you begin to realize how much wiser it is, financially as well as in terms of personal stress, to let Cheap Traffic Attorneys take care of your traffic ticket.

Defenses We Can Offer for Left Turn Offenses

There are several possible explanations we may be able to submit in your defense. For example, it is possible that there was no way you could avoid crossing the line due to the necessity to avoid collision with:

  • Parked cars
  • Traffic pulling out of parking spaces
  • Roadside construction –machinery, markers, workers, cordoned off areas
  • Pedestrians or bicyclists

There is also the possibility that your violation was unavoidable due to a unique circumstance, such as a medical emergency, a dangerous malfunction of your vehicle, or the illegal and dangerous action of another motorist. Whatever defense you assert, you can depend on our experience in the courtroom and knowledge of the law to make us savvy negotiators.

Been Ticketed for a  21460a CVC Violation? Contact Cheap Traffic Attorneys Today

We are here to resolve your traffic ticket problem. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can stop worrying and leave everything in our highly capable hands. 

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