Failure to Stop for School Bus

Let’s face it. Driving in California traffic is stressful. While trying to get to work on time during rush hour in Southern California, a driver might fail to stop for a stopped school bus. Many California drivers do not realize that failure to stop for a school bus can lead to serious legal consequences. 

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What Does California Law Define As Failure to Stop for a School Bus?

California drivers cannot pass a school bus that is stopped and displaying a flashing red signal according to California Vehicle Code 22454 (a). It doesn’t matter where you are when the school bus stops. You could be approaching the school bus from the opposite direction, or you could be following a school bus. Wherever you are on the road, if you see a school bus stop and display its flashing red signals, you must stop.

California code prohibits a driver from passing a school bus when the following two conditions happen:

  1. The bus stopped to load or unload school children; and,
  2. The bus is displaying a stop signal arm or flashing red lights or both.

Drivers must keep their vehicles completely stopped until the stop sign arm is not displayed and the bus stops flashing red lights. 

Penalties for Passing a Stopped School Bus in California

If you’ve received a ticket for passing a stopped school bus, you must pay a fine of up to $695.00. You will also receive a point on your California State driver’s record. California traffic laws stipulate that if you receive a certain number of points in a set amount of time, the traffic court will suspend your license. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) considers drivers with too many points on their record as drivers who negligently operate their vehicles under California law. If you receive four driver’s license points in 12 months, the state of California might suspend your license. 

I Received a Ticket in California For Passing a School Bus That Was Stopped, What Can I Do?

Some might think that receiving a ticket for passing a stopped school bus in Southern California is not a big deal. Nonetheless, this type of traffic ticket could harm everyday aspects of your life. You could face a fee of up to $695.00. Additionally, if you have points on your driver’s license record, receiving another point could result in a suspended license. 

The addition of a single point to your driving record may not seem like a significant issue especially if you currently have no additional points on your record. However, the cumulation of points over time might result in a license suspension which would make your life exceedingly difficult. 

Southern California is not known for a robust public transportation system. Without a car, you’ll be forced to take a bus, walk, or hire a ride-sharing service. The cost of hiring a driver will quickly add up. Riding a bus will add significant time to your commute and makes you dependent on public transportation.

If You Ignore Your Traffic Ticket, You Will Face a Failure to Appear Charge

If you’re considering ignoring your traffic ticket, be advised that you will likely face a charge of failure to appear in court. In California, failure to appear in court is a misdemeanor.  The best thing that you can do is to hire a skilled attorney to fight against your traffic ticket. 

At Cheap Traffic Attorneys, we help our clients fight against failure to stop for school bus traffic violations. We commonly employ the following defenses on behalf of our traffic violation clients:

  • When the driver failed to stop, the school bus did not display either the stop sign arm or flashing lights
  • The school bus did not come to a complete stop
  • The police officer miswrote the traffic violation Attorneys Will Fight Against Your Traffic Ticket For You

Our attorneys focus exclusively on fighting traffic violations. How will we help you beat your failure to stop for a school bus traffic charge? First, we will negotiate with the prosecution. Prosecutors are often willing to make better deals when defendants hire attorneys to represent them. 

We have years of experience helping clients garner a dismissal or reduction in their traffic violation charges. Our attorneys will lawfully go to court on your behalf. You won’t have to take any time away from work or deal with the stress of appearing at traffic court when you hire our firm. If you’re unsure how to handle your traffic violation, but you know that you need to take action, contact today to set up your initial consultation. 


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