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Red Light Camera Tickets in Southern California

In recent years, technology has made it possible for law enforcement to ticket drivers through the use of red light cameras, as well as the traditional way by personal observation of the violation. Although red light cameras have been installed with the good intention of lowering accidents and death rates on California roads, many of us have been faced with the unfairness of penalties arising from electronic, rather than human, decisions.

If you have received a red light ticket, either by being pulled over by the police or by receiving a notice informing you that a red light camera has taken a picture of you in the midst of the infraction, you have more options than you may think.

Automated Traffic Enforcement Systems (ATES)

The word Red Light Camera does not appear anywhere in the California Vehicle Code. Red Light Cameras are officially named Automated Traffic Enforcement Systems (ATES). The use of ATES’ or Red Light Cameras is explained in 21455.5 CVC. The violation section generated by a red light camera is the same violation section that the Driver would receive if they were ticketed in person by a police officer. In California, ATES’ or Red Light Cameras may generate tickets for alleged violations of 21453(a) CVC – Red Light violation, 21453(c) CVC – Red Arrow violation, 21455 CVC – Red Light at Freeway On-Ramp, 22101(d) CVC – Proceed Straight from Left Turn Only lane and 22526(a) CVC – Gridlock or Blocking Intersection violation.

Red light camera tickets are generated when a vehicle passes a sensor indicating a red light at the intersection. The camera snaps a photo of both the driver and the vehicle’s license plate. If you are the registered owner of the vehicle, a traffic ticket will then be mailed to you, whether you were driving at the time or not. (If you were not the driver, we can fight this aspect of the violation later.) You will receive a copy of the citation, the fine amount, and a photo of your vehicle passing through the red light. While most people either pay the fine promptly or ignore it at their own peril, you actually have a much better option — Call on and have the matter dealt with professionally and effectively.

Contrary to what many law enforcement officers and court clerks tell you, it is NOT legally required that you complete the written form and name the Driver of the Vehicle at the time of the violation, if you were not driving. In other words, you do not have to be a snitch on the actual driver. has a very strong track record of getting these red light camera tickets dismissed for misidentification of the Driver, where the registered owner has not named the actual driver of the vehicle to the police. Contact us today before you contact the Police Department or the Court for a Red Light Camera Ticket.

Why You Need Our Services for a Red Light Camera Ticket

If you have received a red light ticket under any circumstances, you should hire us to fight for you. Taking this action is always a good idea, but in some cases, it is especially crucial, such as:

  • If you already have points on your driver’s license
  • If your insurance costs are already too high
  • If you have a commercial license and may lose your job due to too many traffic infractions
  • If you can’t afford to miss work or lose sick or vacation days in order to appear in court

While it is never pleasant to receive a traffic ticket, in the situations mentioned above, your red light ticket may threaten your finances or even your livelihood. All the more reason to make contact with Work Hard to Protect and Defend You

In terms of questioning whether the red light camera itself was working properly, at the time of trial we will ask the camera officer for the yellow light interval calibrations which must be in compliance with California law. If we can prove that the yellow light was activated for an unusually short time (under the minimum specified by law), the traffic court judge may dismiss the charges against you.

At trial, there is always the inherent risk that the Judge will find a person guilty. Therefore, perhaps most importantly, in some Courts (not all) may be able to get the charge changed to a 0 point violation to avoid the Driver’s License and insurance consequences of a Red Light violation conviction.

When you are dealing with a red light or red light camera ticket or any other type of traffic violation, is the place to come. To save money and reduce the stress of the experience, contact us by phone of by filling out a form on our website. You’ll be glad you did.

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