What is a Bench Warrant?

  • Jul 27 2018

Thousands of traffic tickets are handed out every week in the Los Angeles area. They are so common that they can be easy for the average driver to set aside and forget. However, the consequences for forgetting that innocuous-looking ticket can be severe. If you are wondering what is a bench warrant, our ticket lawyer can help.

A bench warrant is a warrant that is issued when a driver fails to pay a ticket or show up in court on the appointed court date. A bench warrant originates with a judge unlike an arrest warrant that begins with a police officer. However, the results can be the same: If a bench warrant has been issued for you, you may be facing arrest. The police may not be out looking for you, but you may be facing arrest the next time you are stopped on an unrelated issue or have other contact with the police.

Getting the answer to your question about what is a bench warrant can be a great start to getting that warrant cleared up. Our attorney works hard to protect your rights and can help resolve not just your bench warrant but also the original matter that led to the warrant. Clearing up your traffic tickets and your bench warrant can help you sleep better at night without having to worry about being arrested. It can also get you back on the road safely and legally. Do not let a bench warrant hold you back. We offer skilled representation that can get you back behind the wheel in no time.

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