What is a FTA Warrant?

  • Jul 24 2018

FTA warrants are issued by the court. You may have a failure to appear warrant issued for your arrest if you fail to pay a court-ordered fine, fail to appear for court or otherwise fail to follow court orders. Police officers may not show up on your doorstep to arrest you, but that does not mean you will not be arrested. Our traffic ticket lawyer can help you learn more about your options and what is a FTA warrant.

This kind of warrant can lead to your arrest at your next traffic stop. It can appear on your record and affect your ability to get another job or go to the school of your dreams. You may even find that it interferes with your current employment, particularly if you have a position that requires driving or security clearance. Failing to appear or comply with a court order can result in your probation being revoked, additional charges along with the original charges, or the forfeiture of your bond or bail. An FTA warrant may even lead to a hold being placed on your driver’s license. You may be facing additional civil penalties for failing to pay your fine or fee, and this can result in wage garnishment or a levy against your bank accounts.

If you have an FTA warrant, we can help you learn more about what is FTA warrant, potential consequences and available strategies for clearing the warrant and the original charges so that you can get back to your life without worry.

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