When is an FTA Warrant Issued?

  • Aug 23 2018

A Failure to Appear, or FTA, warrant may be issued for those who have received traffic tickets or are otherwise required to appear in court but fail to do so. FTA warrants are issued by judges and will remain in effect until the person involved or their attorney appears in court. If you have received an FTA warrant, our traffic ticket lawyer can help.

Traffic tickets are the most common reason FTA warrants are issued. Traffic tickets are an everyday occurrence and can easily be forgotten or ignored. Unfortunately, once a FTA warrant has been issued for your arrest, you must appear in court to resolve it or a FTA warrant attorney may appear for you. While finding out that a FTA warrant has been issued for your arrest can be a stressful and even frightening situation, the matter can generally be resolved positively. A skilled attorney can represent you in Court and in many cases can even get the charges reduced or dropped altogether.

If you have received a FTA warrant, we can help. We offer skilled representation that can help you achieve the most positive outcome possible. Contact our failure to appear warrant attorney today to learn more about your options.

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