Fighting a Speeding Ticket

  • Jul 29 2018

Most people will receive a speeding ticket at least a few times in their lifetime. While speeding tickets are common, they are also costly inconveniences. California often includes heavy penalty assessments and fines along with the base cost of a traffic ticket, which can really lead to a pinch in your wallet. Some drivers may even find their insurance rates climbing sharply, a long-term expense that will not disappear quickly or easily. Fighting a speeding ticket with the help of our traffic lawyer can help you get out from under those pesky tickets and back on the road with much less annoyance and expense.

Many people are surprised by the number of options that they have when it comes to fighting a speeding ticket. In many cases, our speeding ticket attorney is able to have the ticket dismissed entirely, which saves you not just the money but also the inconvenience of a court appearance. When the ticket cannot be dismissed, it may be reduced, and we will fight to keep those points off your license and your insurance rates affordable.

Fighting a traffic ticket just makes good sense for most of us. The immediate costs of a traffic ticket can pale when compared to the long-term costs of a ticket, which can include points against your license, soaring insurance rates and even fewer employment opportunities. Our speeding ticket attorney can help you explore all your options before you pay that ticket and end up with long-term consequences.

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