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If you receive a traffic ticket in or near Downey, California and want to plead not guilty, you will be directed to Downey Courthouse, the Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles at 7500 Imperial Highway, Downey, CA.. If you’re smart, however, instead of getting involved in the hassle of appearing yourself, you will contact Cheap Traffic Attorneys. Attorney John J. Pearson, Esq., is a well-respected former California police officer who has received significant training in traffic enforcement as well as the details of traffic ticket legal defense. 

Cheap Traffic Attorneys focuses solely on traffic tickets and we take care of them quickly and inexpensively. As an individual with little or no courtroom experience, you will be at a disadvantage at Downey Courthouse. As your legal representatives with comprehensive knowledge of California traffic law, however, the odds are in our favor.

Why You Shouldn’t Plead Guilty Automatically

Many of our clients come to us when they have previously pleaded guilty to one or more traffic tickets and are now feeling worry and regret. While pleading guilty may seem like the easiest way out of a parking ticket, is likely to cost you more money, more time out of your busy routine, and further negative consequences — such as points on your license or even license suspension or revocation. 

Cheap Traffic Attorneys are ready and able to get your charges dismissed or reduced without you ever having to enter Downey Courthouse. Whether you have committed the traffic violation you are accused of, or you have been mistakenly ticketed, Cheap Traffic Attorneys is on your side.

At Cheap Traffic Attorneys We Know Our Way Around Downey Courthouse

Because our firm concentrates only on traffic tickets, we are very well-prepared to protect you from a conviction through courtroom negotiations. As experienced traffic ticket lawyers we know the best possible defenses and can successfully represent you to the court. We have proven strategies that can win a dismissal, a fine reduction, or have your traffic violation reduced to a lesser charge. You will find letting us do the work is not only a smooth and easy process, but makes an otherwise irritating and/or anxiety-producing task stress-free.

Don’t Risk Your Commercial Driver’s License

At Cheap Traffic Attorneys, we are well aware that you’ve worked hard to qualify for your commercial driver’s license (CDL). We also know how fundamental it is to your occupation and livelihood. If you commit even a small infraction, you may jeopardize all that you’ve worked so hard to obtain. 

Driving over the speed limit (22406a CVC) in an attempt to meet your pick-up and delivery deadlines, or driving out of your appropriate lane (22348c CVC) in order to avoid traffic can get you pulled over all too easily. If you have been pulled over and ticketed, our skilled CDL traffic defense attorneys can save you from the serious consequences you may be facing. 

We have the current, comprehensive knowledge of CDL law to make a persuasive argument to protect your reputation and your job. Moreover, we have a successful track record of saving other CDL drivers from such difficulties, using well-crafted tactics either to get charges against them completely dismissed, or greatly reduced. We look forward to doing the same for you. 

Contact us as quickly as possible and we will fight aggressively to protect your job, your CDL, and your reputation. 

We Handle All Types of Traffic Tickets in Downey Courthouse

At Cheap Traffic Attorneys we handle all types of traffic tickets, including those issued for:

This list is representative, not all-inclusive. Be assured that whatever type of traffic ticket you have received, we are ready to handle it.

Penalties for Traffic Tickets in Downey Courthouse Can Be Steep

When you’re issued a traffic ticket for Downey Courthouse, you may be prepared for a fine only, but be careful. Traffic tickets, especially when they pile up, can lead to loss of driving privileges and even to the loss of your freedom. Don’t take chances. Call Cheap Traffic Attorneys as soon as possible (deadlines are looming) and we will take over all logistical matters pronto. All you have to do to be convinced of our strength is to take a look at our website to see how delighted our clients are. Most cases we handle are dismissed.

Below are penalties you may avoid or have lessened when you have our legal representation.

  • Traffic Fines — California traffic fines are known to be high and the amount you will actually have to pay can be much higher than the stated fine since court fees and state surcharges will be added. You may end up paying 10 times the listed amount for your violation.
  • Traffic Classes — You may be required to attend traffic school; if so, you will have to pay for the course in dollars as well as hours spent traveling to school and attending classes.
  • Points on Your License — As you may have already experienced, traffic points can accumulate quickly, resulting in license suspension, an undeniably costly inconvenience. Cheap Traffic Attorneys has a fine track record of keeping our clients’ licenses unencumbered by points.
  • Suspension or Revocation of Your License — If you do lose your driving license, even temporarily, it can present difficulties for your family as well as yourself. Not only will you be hampered by problems getting to work, school, stores, medical appointments, the gym, and social activities, you will no longer be able to drive your children’s carpool or take your elderly relative to the doctor.
  • Increased Insurance Rates — Points on your license may also lead to higher insurance rates since your insurance company considers tickets to be a sign of reckless driving, the same reckless driving that results in accidents. Many people find that a single speeding ticket may result in a $500 annual increase in their insurance premiums for 3 years.
  • Failure to Appear (FTA) — If you fail to appear to fight your ticket and have neither paid the fine nor engaged the services of a competent traffic attorney, you will be charged with “Failure to Appear,” an offense for which you can be arrested and jailed.

It should be noted that if you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) you have even more to lose if you don’t get legal assistance. After all, for most people with CDLs their license is necessary for their employment.

Contact Our Downey Courthouse Traffic Ticket Attorney

Now that you know there’s a better way to handle your traffic ticket, don’t waste valuable time and money paying an unnegotiated fine or taking time from work to appear in court. Take advantage of our efficient, inexpensive service. You’ll be glad you did. Contact us today for a consultation!

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