No Insurance Tickets in Los Angeles County, California

All drivers in California are required to have active auto insurance from the moment that they get into the driver’s seat. These policies are used to help with the huge costs associated with even the most minor of accidents, and that is why California’s law enforcement agencies issue no insurance tickets at an alarming rate. Under California Law, a traffic ticket for failure to have valid insurance on the vehicle you are driving is the most expensive of all infraction tickets. If a no insurance ticket is not taken care of appropriately, it can turn into an enormous fine plus penalty assessments costing well over $1,000.00 and a suspended driver’s license.

What makes a no vehicle insurance ticket unique is the fact that law enforcement officers cannot legally pull a driver over simply to see if they have car insurance. This means that these violations are often attached to further traffic infractions and misdemeanors that can make this process extremely convoluted. If the ticket was labeled as “correctable,” the driver may only be subject to a minor dismissal fee once they have provided proof of their financial responsibility to the Court. Even in these best-case scenarios, however, the driver may still be required to spend a lengthy amount of time at the courthouse. No one should ever accept their no vehicle insurance ticket without a fight. has worked with many clients allowing them to avoid expensive fines, steer clear of lengthy visits to the courthouse, and move on with their clean driving record after receiving a ticket for no vehicle insurance.