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The Westminster Courthouse (also known as the West Justice Center or WJC) of Orange County in Southern California is an imposing and stately building, but if you have to enter it because you’ve received a traffic ticket, it can be intimidating. You are very likely to find the experience costly in terms of time, money, and legal consequences. No one likes to see police lights flashing behind the car, nor have a police officer approach to confront him/her with charges. Most people believe that they only have two options (both irritating and inconvenient): [1] to plead guilty, regardless of the circumstances or [2] to take a day from work to fight the ticket. There is, however, a third choice which is much better way to handle the situation — contact cheaptrafficattorneys.com and let us take care of everything.

Don’t Go to Westminster Courthouse to Pay a Red Light Camera Ticket from the cities of Garden Grove or Los Alamitos

Many people feel that the best thing to do when they receive a red light camera ticket from Garden Grove or Los Alamitos is to plead guilty and pay the fine, regardless of the circumstances. At Cheap Traffic Attorneys, we know better. We focus on taking care of red light camera tickets (and all other types of traffic tickets) by using clever negotiation tactics in and out of the courtroom. The reason to contact us when you receive a red light ticket is that we know a number of workable ways to fight it and that as traffic lawyers we have more clout in Westminster Court than you do as an individual without a legal background.

As many unhappy drivers have become aware, when the judge is holding a photograph of your car going through a red light with you in the driver’s seat, it is difficult to fight the charge. Nonetheless, you might be surprised to find out how many red light tickets the office of Cheap Traffic Attorneys has had dismissed.

Possible Defenses for Red Light Camera Traffic Violations

There are a number of ways to fight a red light ticket. First of all, the picture of your presumed violation is taken when your car sets off a motion detector in the traffic light. As we all know, technological devices do occasionally fail. It is, therefore, possible that a third party (the company responsible for the detector’s maintenance) has made an error. 

It is also possible that the condition of the roads at the time of the violation (icy, muddy, debris-laden) made it impossible for you to stop the car safely at the moment the light changed. Another driver may also have kept you from obeying the law by, for instance, following you too closely. 

If you were behind a large truck, your view of the light might have been obscured. Another possibility is that the car in front of you has stopped in the middle of a turn through the yellow light (perhaps because of a passing pedestrian) and you are left in the middle of the intersection with no option but to continue through the red light or to block traffic. When there is any evidence that matters like those mentioned made stopping at the red light dangerous, unrelated witnesses of the event can make all the difference in whether the judge believes our version of the facts. If there is a witness, Cheap Traffic Attorneys will be sure to find and interview that person.

We tend to believe official-looking document, but there is always the possibility that the picture you have received in not of your car. It may be of a car with a similar color or similar license plate, but upon careful scrutiny, lack the ubiquitous child seat in the back of your car. The ticket may also have the wrong date other incorrect information. 

At Cheap Traffic Attorneys, our sharp, experienced traffic attorneys are able to present such facts in the most convincing way and much more likely than you are to get you a dismissal or diminished charges on your red light traffic ticket.

Tickets for Texting While Driving in Orange County, California

Now that texting has become a major form of communication, laws have been passed to prohibit the practice while driving. We can all agree that the last thing the world needs is more traffic accidents due to distracted driving. Nonetheless, if you have received a ticket for the offense, remember that typing CheapTrafficAttorneys.com into your computer, iPad or smartphone is the sensible way to keep yourself from going through the hardship of having to make a court appearance to defend yourself against this charge.

Penalties for Texting While Driving, Now and in the Future

Without professional legal representation, a texting offense can cost you close to $200, and that amount is only expected to increase in the future since law enforcement is cracking down on the negative impact of texting on safe driving. We should all be aware that texting while driving not only puts lives at risk, and can result in expensive penalties for those convicted, it can also add a point to your license in California, eventually leading to suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. Though exceptions are made for emergency workers and school bus drivers, others can expect texting tickets to be given more frequently and to have increasingly adverse effects in future years.

With Cheap Traffic Attorneys You Won’t Have to Set Foot in Westminster Courthouse

At Cheap Traffic Attorneys we focus on only one area of the law: traffic tickets. Our experience and excellent track record are well-known throughout Orange County, CA. Well-satisfied clients continue to spread the word that no one has to feel victimized by being accused of a traffic violation. Cheap Traffic Attorneys will fight for your rights. We will lift the burden of dealing with the justice system from your shoulders so that you can:

  • Never have to appear in court
  • Get your ticket dismissed
  • Keep your ticket from affecting your insurance premiums
  • Keep your ticket from adding points to your driver’s license
  • Possibly prevent a suspension or revocation of your license

Contact Our Westminster Courthouse Traffic Ticket Attorney

Especially appealing to you should be the fact that we provide these services at a reasonable cost and are known for our efficiency and respectful treatment of our clients. Bear in mind that we have saved nearly 10,000 clients millions of dollars in fines and insurance costs. Wouldn’t you like us so to be one of them? Contact us today for a consultation regarding your traffic tickets at Westminster Courthouse.

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