How Much is a Speeding Ticket in California?

  • Aug 2 2018

Driving to work or back home is such an everyday event that the telltale red-and-blue lights in your rear view mirror can come as a shock. Unfortunately, thousands of California drivers receive speeding tickets every year, and those tickets often come with a hefty price tag. Many clients ask our traffic attorney, “How much is a speeding ticket?” The answer can vary widely.

The base fines of speeding tickets in California have been the same for more than a decade, but even when you are facing a minor speeding ticket, it can carry additional costs. Penalty assessments, court assessments, construction assessments, surcharges and additional fines can lead to a ticket that may be from six to nine times as much as the base fine. As the base fine goes up, the penalty assessments and additional fines can also increase, which means that while a smaller ticket can pack a major financial punch, a larger ticket can be catastrophic.

Each speeding ticket also results in points being assessed against your license. The points can cause your insurance rates to increase, and if you get enough of them, they can even cause your license to be suspended. The financial cost of even one minor speeding ticket can quickly add up, and the financial hits can continue for years until the points fall off your license.

Taking control of your speeding ticket and driving record can help you avoid the costs associated with a speeding ticket. Our speeding ticket lawyer can help you learn more about how much a speeding ticket costs and how to clear your record.

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