Speeding Ticket Fines

  • Aug 3 2018

Speeding ticket fines are set by the state of California and can include additional fines and penalties for each offense. In fact in many cases, the fine that is listed on the ticket itself is only the beginning of the extra costs that you may be facing. If you have received a speeding ticket, our speeding ticket lawyer can help.

Each ticket contains a base fine. The base fine for going less than 15 miles over the speed limit is just $35. However, drivers may also be facing additional city and county fines, penalty assessments and other assessments that could put the price of that ticket well over $200. Speeding ticket fines are not the only expenses that you may face in connection with the incident. Points may be assessed against your license, and these points can result in your insurance costs increasing. The long-term financial effects of even one speeding ticket can be significant. Higher speed tickets include higher fines, higher penalties and more assessments, and these can easily add up to $500 for those who plead guilty.

Many people want to avoid the hassle of fighting speeding tickets, but talking to our seasoned speeding ticket attorney can help you save money and keep points off your license. Charges can often be reduced, changed or dropped, and your record can, in many cases, be kept clear. In most traffic ticket cases, our attorney can even represent you in court, and you will not even have to make an appearance. You should know that you do not have to simply pay speeding ticket fines without fighting back.

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