Equipment Violations in Orange County, California

Many drivers are aware of the expensive tickets that can be issued for speeding, illegal lane changes, or any other number of common violations, but not everyone is aware of the vehicle equipment violation tickets that can become exceedingly expensive in the blink of an eye. All car owners are required to maintain a safe vehicle that is free from a number of aftermarket products. A car equipment violation ticket can quickly spiral out of control, however, that is why our traffic ticket lawyer is here to help you steer away from a conviction, and lengthy court dates, or a trip to the local highway patrol office.

Each year, California Highway Patrol releases some of the most common issues in which drivers receive a car equipment violation ticket. Some of these issues are extremely common, but car owners may be unaware that their car does have equipment damage or alterations that could put them at risk of a hefty fine. This includes conditions such as a broken headlight, no front license plate, windows that are tinted illegally, burnt out brake lights, no registration sticker on the rear license plate and mis-aligned headlights.

There are also a number of other vehicle equipment violation tickets that may be issued that the driver was never aware of. This may include scenarios such as fog lights being out of alignment, no rear view mirror on the left-hand side of the vehicle, damaged rear lighting, or even bug screens that are illegally tinted. For drivers that do not fight their charges, these tickets can cost hundreds of dollars for a single violation. In addition to this, most drivers will be required to pay for repairs or alterations to their vehicle that must be approved by a local law enforcement agency.

These types of equipment violations are tickets that no driver should ever accept without a fight. Most of these tickets can be dismissed by the Judge if proper proof of correction is presented in Court. All drivers have the right to fight their tickets, but not everyone is ready to spend countless hours in a court room, keeping them away from work, school, or social activities. Here at, we have taken the guesswork out of fighting these tickets and are here to keep you out of court and keep these violations off of your record.