Equipment Violations in Orange County, California

Under California law, all vehicles on the road must meet certain requirements, and vehicle owners have a legal obligation to ensure their vehicles meet these requirements. While many individuals are aware of this requirement, some may not realize the extent to which vehicle equipment violations can affect them if it is not handled correctly. In addition, law enforcement officers closely watch for vehicle equipment violations because these give the police officer a reason to stop the driver. In the law, this is known as “probable cause or PC.” As a result, you’re likely to receive a traffic ticket for a vehicle equipment violation if your vehicle is slightly out of code. Thankfully, resolving the headache of vehicle equipment violations can be affordable and painless.

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California Vehicle Equipment Violations

Compared to other states, California has strict vehicle equipment standards. Generally, standard vehicle equipment must be be operational: both headlamps must be fully operational and set to a height that does not cause risk to other drivers; taillamps must be fully operational and within certain requirements; windshields must be free of defects or other objects or materials that may impede the driver’s view; and all mirrors must be in working order.

Some of the specific California Vehicle Code (CVC) equipment or fix-it (correctable) violations are:

  • 4000a CVC – Expired or No California DMV Registration
  • 4000.4 CVC – No California DMV Registration for Out of State Vehicle used in California
  • 4454a CVC – Valid DMV Registration Card Must be kept in vehicle
  • 4152.5 CVC – Out of State Owner must apply for CA Registration within 20 days of residency
  • 4159 CVC – Fail to Change Vehicle Registration Address with DMV within 10 days of move
  • 5200 CVC – Two License Plates required
  • 5201 CVC – License Plates must be securely attached to vehicle and letters upright
  • 5204a CVC – Current Month & Year Registration Tabs or Stickers required on rear plate
  • 12500a CVC – Driving without a valid license (or license expired more than 30 days)
  • 12951a CVC – Driving without Driver’s License Card in Possession
  • 14600a CVC – Fail to Update Driver’s License Address within 10 days of change address
  • 16028a CVC – No Current Proof of Liability Insurance in vehicle or accessible on mobile device
  • 24252 CVC – Broken Lights or lamps (compare to 24250 CVC driving at night without lights)
  • 24601 CVC – License Plate must have white light to make it legible from 50 feet away
  • 24606 CVC – Back up or reverse lights required and must be white only
  • 26707 CVC – Windshield wipers required and must work
  • 26708 CVC – Tinted Windows – material/ substance that obstructs driver’s view – snow or ice
  • 27000 CVC – Horn required, not to emit unreasonable loud or harsh sound
  • 27002 CVC – Siren not allowed, unless emergency vehicle or armored car
  • 27007 CVC – Amplified music audible from over 50 feet away
  • 27150a CVC – Loud or defective muffler
  • 27600 CVC – Fenders or Mudgaurds mud flaps required
  • 27602 CVC – Video or T.V. screen cannot be used forward of the back side of driver’s seat
  • 27604 CVC – Former police vehicle must remove markings before use on road
  • 28071 CVC – Bumpers required front & rear on passenger vehicles

Given California’s precise vehicle equipment guidelines, the fact that many individuals accidentally violate the California Vehicle Code should come as no surprise. Worse, California and its local governments often rely on traffic tickets to generate revenue to sustain their spending. The result is California law enforcement’s aggressive pursuit of issuing traffic tickets, with vehicle equipment violations being zealously enforced. If you have been issued a vehicle equipment violation ticket, Cheap Traffic Attorneys can help you resolve the ticket without costing a fortune or requiring you to spend your time in traffic court.

Resolving Vehicle Equipment Violations

A vehicle equipment violation ticket is often referred to as a “fix-it” ticket because it is a “correctable violation.” As a correctable violation, the ticket can be removed from your record if you show that you have satisfied certain requirements. In most cases, this is showing evidence that you have rectified the equipment violation that you were cited for. Correcting the violation usually requires a court appearance and does not guarantee that the ticket will simply be swept away. Worse, going to court means you might have to miss work, school, or caring for a loved one. For many, attending court to remedy a vehicle equipment violation is simply not feasible. To avoid having to make an appearance in court and ensuring that you receive the best outcome possible for your vehicle equipment violation, you can rely on us to take the time to understand your situation, appear on your behalf, and fight to have the ticket tossed out or reduced. We pride ourselves on providing affordable legal help to those who need it, and would be honored to help you gain the outcome that you deserve.

Los Angeles and Orange County Vehicle Equipment Violation Defense Attorney

Having resolved more than 10,000 traffic tickets in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, we have the experience and efficiency to help you with your vehicle equipment violation ticket. Our practice is focused on, and we provide the best valued service in Southern California. Our focus is traffic tickets. If you have recently been issued a traffic ticket for a vehicle equipment violation, please contact our office as soon as possible for a free consultation to save yourself time and money.