What are Bench Warrants?

  • Aug 7 2018

Traffic tickets are common and may be issued for any traffic infraction. Speeding, running red lights and texting while driving are common offenses that can result in a traffic ticket. Unfortunately, tickets are so common that they can be easy to set aside and overlooked. If you have received a traffic ticket and have failed to pay it or appear in court, our traffic ticket lawyer can help.

Failing to respond to a traffic ticket can result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest. If you neglect to show up for your court date, a judge may issue a bench warrant that allows police officers to arrest you. The police are not necessarily going to come knocking on your door immediately after the warrant is issued, but they may arrest you the next time you are in contact with them. That means that you may be spending quite a bit of time looking over your shoulder, and you may even be afraid to reach out for help when you really need it. Dealing with your bench warrant as soon as possible is the best way to resolve the issue and move forward.

A bench warrant can result not only in your arrest, but also increased fines, penalties and jail time. We will work with you to have your warrant recalled and your record cleared. Contact our bench warrant attorney today to learn more and begin the process of clearing outstanding bench warrants.

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