When Should You Fight a Traffic Ticket in California?

  • Nov 12 2018

If you have been issued a traffic ticket, you should consider fighting the ticket, and for good reason. In addition to incurring a fine, you may have points added to your driver’s license and also face the potential of an increase in your car insurance premium. Depending on the violation, your driver’s license may also be suspended, which will make it difficult to get to work, go to school or manage day-to-day activities. With so much at stake, you are well advised to enlist the services of cheaptrafficattorneys.com.

What is a Traffic Ticket?

In California, law enforcement will issue a ticket when a police officer reasonably believes that a motorist has violated a traffic law. Depending on the circumstances, the traffic violation may be an infraction or a misdemeanor. Common types of traffic tickets issued under the California Vehicle Code (CVC) include:

  • Driving without vehicle registration — CVC 4000(a)(1)
  • Driving without a license — CVC 12500(a)
  • Driving on a suspended license — CVC 14601(a)
  • Driving without insurance — CVC 16028
  • Red light tickets — CVC 21453(a)
  • Carpool lane violation — CVC 21655
  • Tailgating — CVC 21703
  • Improper lane change — CVC 22107
  • Speeding — CVC 22348 – 22366
  • Running a stop sign (or not stopping completely at stop sign — CVC 22450a
  • Texting and cellphone use while driving — CVC 23123 & CVC 23123.5

What To Do After Receiving A Traffic Ticket in California

If you have been issued a traffic citation, the first thing to do is understand the traffic violation you have been charged with. You may want to write down some notes or facts of your case — such as the location where you were stopped by police, questions the officer may have asked, and your responses. You should also find out which court will be handling the ticket and when you may need to appear. Most importantly, call an experienced traffic ticket attorney who knows his or her way around traffic court. In short, you should consider fighting the traffic ticket as your best and only chance of getting the ticket dismissed.

Although going to traffic court may not seem serious, you should never go it alone. Having proper legal representation can mean the difference between staying on the road and losing your driving privileges. In a similar vein, many drivers may be inclined to just pay the ticket and be done with it. The fact that you have been ticketed doesn’t mean you will be convicted, however. By hiring cheaptrafficattorneys.com to handle your traffic ticket, you have a greater chance of avoiding a fine, or having the violation reduced, and staying on the road. In fact, our attorneys will appear in traffic court on your behalf for nearly all cases, sparing you the time and expense involved. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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