How to Clear an FTA Warrant

  • Aug 21 2018

According to California law, if you have failed to appear in court when required or failed to comply with a court order, then a failure to appear, or FTA, warrant may be issued for you. FTA warrants can have serious consequences, including arrest. The DMV will soon suspend your driver’s license for most violations. If you have an FTA warrant, our traffic ticket lawyer can help.

Most traffic tickets are infractions, which means that you may be issued a fine, but you will not be arrested. Misdemeanor traffic tickets require a court appearance by you or your attorney. When you do not show up for court, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. A failure to appear warrant can result in your arrest the next time you are pulled over for a minor infraction, and you could remain in jail until the warrant can be addressed.

For the charge of Failure to Appear FTA, your bail may be increased, and you may be issued fines as well as a hold or suspension on your driver’s license. Our legal team often recommends taking a proactive approach to failure to appear warrants, which can help our clients achieve a more positive outcome. We will work to clear any hold or suspension on your driver’s license, fight to have the warrant recalled and can even clear up the original matter for you so that you can get back to your daily life worry-free.

If you have an outstanding failure to appear warrant, our failure to appear warrant attorney can help. Contact our office today to begin the process of clearing your Failure to Appear.

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