Other Ticket Types

2815 CVC – Fail to Obey School Crossing Guard
2816 CVC – Fail to Stop for School Bus
2818 CVC – Traverse Flare or Cone Pattern of Public Safety/ Accident
21460a CVC – Drive Left of Center before Left Turn
21461a CVC – Disobey a Traffic Sign or Signal
22100a CVC – Right Turn violation
22101b CVC – Turn Violation at Intersection
21650 CVC – Drive Wrong Way or left of center lines
21651a CVC – Drive Over Double Parallel Lines/ Divided Highway
23111 CVC – Throw burning substance/ ashing cigarette from vehicle
23112a CVC – Littering on highway
24250 CVC – No Headlights on During Darkness
27315 CVC – Seatbelt violations
27360 CVC – Child Restraint & Child Seat violations
21801a CVC – Fail to Yield to oncoming traffic
21950a CVC – Fail Yield Pedestrian in Crosswalk (marked or unmarked)
21703 CVC – Follow too Close or Tailgating
21806a CVC – Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle with Red Light Activated