Traffic Court

What are Bench Warrants?

Traffic tickets are common and may be issued for any traffic infraction. Speeding, running red lights and texting while driving are common offenses that can result in a traffic ticket. Unfortunately, tickets are so common that they can be easy to set aside and overlooked. If you have received a traffic ticket and have failed to pay it or appear in court, our traffic ticket lawyer can help. Continue reading What are Bench Warrants?

How are Bench Warrants Cleared?

Bench warrants are commonly issued for people who have received traffic tickets, but who failed to pay them or appear in court. If you have received a traffic ticket, a court date will be listed on it, and if you miss that court date or fail to take action on the ticket prior to that listed date, a judge may issue a bench warrant for your arrest, in some circumstances. This can be an unnerving situation for most people, and you do not want to spend the next weeks or months looking over your shoulder. Our traffic ticket attorney can help. Continue reading How are Bench Warrants Cleared?

How to Check for FTA Warrants

A failure to appear warrant, or FTA warrant, is often issued when drivers fail to show up on their appointed court date and fail to pay their tickets. FTA warrants can result in your arrest, jail time and heavy fines and penalties. They can even show up on background checks and interfere with your work. If you have a long-forgotten ticket or suspect that you have an FTA warrant, you need to learn how to check for FTA warrants. Continue reading How to Check for FTA Warrants

What is a FTA Warrant?

FTA warrants are issued by the court. You may have a failure to appear warrant issued for your arrest if you fail to pay a court-ordered fine, fail to appear for court or otherwise fail to follow court orders. Police officers may not show up on your doorstep to arrest you, but that does not mean you will not be arrested. Our traffic ticket lawyer can help you learn more about your options and what is a FTA warrant. Continue reading What is a FTA Warrant?